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PredPol Featured on Minnesota Public Radio

PredPol Featured on Minnesota Public Radio

Dr. Jeff Brantingham, co-founder of PredPol, was featured today on Minnesota Public Radio speaking about predictive policing and how law enforcement is using science to prevent crime. Click here to view:

From the MPR website:

In the latest episode of NOVA Science Now airing Wednesday, host David Pogue asks the question, “Can science stop crime?” From the so-called warrior gene to getting ahead of the hackers to predictive policing, how is science aiding law enforcement? And as we continue to learn more about how the criminal mind works, what moral questions arise when we try to stop crime before it happens?
Pogue joins The Daily Circuit Wednesday to discuss the scientific elements of law enforcement. He’s in town for an event at the University of Minnesota.

Jeff Brantingham, professor of anthropology at University of California, Los Angeles, will also join the discussion.

“It’s not a replacement for police officer’s knowledge and skills and not designed to take the officer out of the equation,” he told the Associated Press. “It’s about putting them in the right time and place for crime prevention.”

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