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Predictive Policing with Continued Results

Predictive Policing with Continued Results

Law Enforcement agencies using PredPol’s predictive policing software continue to report crime reduction results in every region it is deployed. Using only three pieces of crime data — what, when, and where crime occurred — communities actively using PredPol have confirmed positive change.

In Modesto, California, reported crime has shown decreases in home burglaries of 20%, commercial thefts reduced 13%, vehicle thefts down 12%, and robberies reduced 11%. PredPol has acted as a force multiplier for Modesto, aiding in crime reductions while their patrol staff and budgets were significantly reduced.

Across the country in Reading, Pennsylvania, similar predictive policing results have been reported. Reading’s Police Department has seen reductions in burglaries of 18%, and auto thefts reduced as much as 30% since using PredPol. Combined with an innovative community policing program, PredPol has helped the department to focus on specific missions that can build a safer community.

More Than Macro-Results

In addition to mass crime reductions, our partner agencies also report stories of crime prevention that happen on an individual level in prediction areas. For instance, in Kent, England, officers visited an area that was not considered a “hot spot” for crime, but PredPol’s patented algorithm led them there. Upon patrolling the prediction zone, officers discovered an abused woman and child.

“The officers managed to take care of them and also managed to apprehend the offender, who was a known and wanted suspect,” says Mark Johnson, head of analysis at Kent police.

Back in the United States, patrol officers in Atlanta, Georgia reported suspects in another PredPol box where robbery was likely to occur. The officer found a female whose purse had been stolen moments earlier at gunpoint, and the officer was able to detain and identify the suspects with the victim’s help. PredPol’s predictions helped lead the officer to the appropriate area, and apprehend the perpetrators.

PredPol’s Community Support

PredPol works best as a tool that assists veteran officers and analysts with their community policing efforts. Likewise, PredPol has continued to support community growth by working with local Bay Area outreach programs like Digital Nest and CSU Monterey Bay.

Increasing community safety is about more than just reporting crime reductions, it is achieved through a combination of individuals cooperating with public safety organizations. PredPol is aware of this, and continues its mission to help build safer communities one story, one department at a time.

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