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New Features for Crime Analysts

New Features for Crime Analysts

From its creation, PredPol has relied on the input of line officers, command staff, and crime analysts to design its application.

Do you remember our Crime Analyst Survey? We’ve used your feedback to develop features that will help maximize your analysis and minimize your time spent collecting and inputting data.

These features are found in our one-of-a-kind Command Analytics platform.


  • Easy to use report generation, crime trend analysis, resource deployment analysis
  • Allows detailed or summary views of crime trends
  • Provides GPS based patrol locations, as well as aggregate patrol dosage
  • Allows natural-language query capabilities
  • Provides extensive mapping capabilities
  • Allows the export of results to CSV file format for cross application analysis
  • Cloud-based service – no additional software or hardware required

Typical queries

  • Crime rate comparisons over time
  • Drilldown:
    • District or beat
    • Crime types
    • Date range
    • Address
  • Patrol dosage by car, shift, date range
  • Vehicle pathing by car, shift

Simple to deploy

  • Connect PredPol software for live RMS feed
  • Load beat/district maps
  • Assign crime codes
  • System can be up and running in a matter of a few hours



Crime Search: Crime Search is a robust tool that allows one to search on crime types, districts, violation codes, event descriptions, dates, address, or incident number. You may download your results as a CSV.







Radar: Radar shows crime rates over time and tracks crimes that have occurred within a prediction area. Radar’s Patrol Dosage feature keeps track of how much patrol time is spent in the boxes.







mission planning

Mission Control: With the Mission Control feature, you can set different priorities based on the problems that particularly occur during that time of day or day of the week.






VehiclePathingCroppedVehicle Path: Vehicle path shows the path history for a selected vehicle. Circles on the vehicle path show where a vehicle spent several minutes. Circles filled with yellow denote 30 minutes or more spent in that spot.


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