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Law Enforcement Technology Innovation in Atlanta

Law Enforcement Technology Innovation in Atlanta

Law Enforcement Technology

Our partners at the Atlanta Police Department (APD) have once again made news for being innovators within the law enforcement technology space. According to an article in American City and County, APD has streamlined data analysis using Google’s Search Appliance.

From the article:

Using Google Search Appliance, Search360 has indexed more than 160 million records. Users can now simultaneously search across multiple databases, saving time and resources. Search360 also uses Google Maps to plot 911 calls, allowing APD’s physical security information management to pull up those security cameras closest to the crime. Plotting also allows officers see patterns and clusters of criminal activity.

Predictive Policing within the Atlanta Police Department

PredPol is proud to partner with APD and provide our predictive policing services in conjunction with their forward-thinking strategy to reduce crime. Atlanta Chief Turner has recently stated that using PredPol, APD has been able to reduce crime by 20%.

Full¬†findings regarding the APD crime reduction using PredPol’s predictive policing can be found in the May 2014 issue of Police Chief Magazine.

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