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Digital Magazine The Ascender Features PredPol’s Norcross Rollout

Digital Magazine The Ascender Features PredPol’s Norcross Rollout

The digital magazine The Ascender did a feature on predictive policing highlighting PredPol’s deployment in Norcross, Georgia. Dr. George Mohler (co-founder of PredPol) is quoted as well. Here is a short clip with a link to the entire article:


Crime Spots: By Robert Silk [The Ascender Magazine]

On Aug. 9 of this year, when the police department in Norcross, Ga. went live with a cutting edge software system designed to predict crime, it didn’t take long to hit pay dirt.

Within a few hours of the rollout, officers were examining the scene in one of the tiny 500 square-foot areas that the software designated for beefed-up patrol when they came across a burglary-in-progress. They foiled the crime and arrested the suspect.

Elsewhere in the 15,000-person northern Atlanta-area suburb that day, a deputy was patrolling around an extended-stay hotel in another area the software system had marked for extra scrutiny. She saw a man whom she thought looked suspicious. A background check revealed that her intuition was right. The man was on the run from Illinois, where arrest warrants had been issued for him on burglary-related charges.

The two arrests left Norcross Lt. Bill Grogan downright giddy with the department’s new tool, the predictive software designed by a California company called PredPol. “I was baffled,” Grogran told CBS Atlanta a couple weeks later. “I could not have ever anticipated that we would have had such a quick success. And not only that one success, but two in the same day.”

See the entire article at this link:

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