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Columbia South Carolina Launches PredPol

Columbia South Carolina Launches PredPol

Columbia, South Carolina became the first city in the south to announce they will launch the advanced predictive policing technology program PredPol. The city and police department have been working with Dr. Jeff Brantingham, co-founder of PredPol, to integrate the technology. “This predictive policing software is going to take us to the next level when it comes to the absence of crime in this city,”  acting Columbia Police Chief Ruben Santiago told a local TV station. Columbia Police will use the program to target property crimes such as auto theft and burglary.

PredPol uses advanced mathematical models to predict when and where crime will occur in 500 foot by 500 foot locations. The program was designed by line level officers and top academics from UCLA and Santa Clara University. PredPol has been successfully deployed nationally and internationally and has been credited with helping more effectively deploy resources and reduce crime.

Columbia Police expect that PredPol will be fully-integrated into patrol cars beginning next week.

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