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CBS News Highlights Norcross PredPol Crime Reductions

CBS News Highlights Norcross PredPol Crime Reductions

(CBS ATLANTA) – by Will Frampton

Four months after police in Norcross implemented a software program that predicts where crimes are likely to occur each day, they say the crime numbers in that time period suggest the program is working.

“We have seen anywhere from 15 to 30 percent in reduction in burglaries and robberies,” said Lt. Bill Grogan. “I don’t care how science fiction or how far out there it is, the proof is in the pudding.”

The program was developed by researchers at UCLA. Grogan said his department is the first in the Southeast to use it, and his officers have reported several instances where they made arrests thanks to cues from the software.

It predicts crime in specific areas, every 12 hours. The predictions are based on crime history over the last three years, and take into account time of day and time of year.

Atlanta police began testing the program in July, and rolled it out across the entire department in November.

“You’ll be seeing more and more of this,” said Grogan.

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