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Carlsbad Police Joins PredPol Family

Carlsbad Police Joins PredPol Family

The Carlsbad (California) Police Department has joined with PredPol to help deploy resources more effectively and aim to reduce crime in Carlsbad. Here is the story from Coast News:

CARLSBAD — The Carlsbad Police Department will be… using a predictive policing software designed to predict locations and times of day where crimes are most likely to happen, to improve policing strategies and ultimately reduce crime.

“The department will pilot PredPol as a potential force multiplier, enabling officers to work smarter rather than harder,” according to the agenda bill that brought the pilot before City Council.

The software program, known as PredPol, uses mathematical algorithms to analyze historical crime data from recent years to produce maps of where there is a higher likelihood of crime, said Fiona Everett, a management analyst for the Carlsbad Police Department.

The Carlsbad Police Department will provide PredPol, also the name of the company that created and runs the software program, with three to five years of historical data and all current crime data…

PredPol will create and maintain maps where crime is more likely to occur in the city, and the police department will use the maps to deploy officers to specific areas in an effort to deter crime.

This will be the first time the department has used predictive crime software, Everett said.

While the police department studies patterns of crime locations and times, it has not utilized mathematical formulas to analyze the information more specifically.

“Our attempt at it is less sophisticated,” she said. “PredPol takes it up a notch.”

The utilization of the new software is at a time when the department is facing staffing challenges due to a high number of sworn officer retirements over the past year….

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