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Australian Newspaper Features PredPol

Australia’s Brisbane Times featured Dr. Jeff Brantingham and PredPol looking at the mathematical and anthropological reasons the PredPol model works. The paper noted the remarkable predictive accuracy of PredPol and the significant crime drops experienced in Los Angeles divisions that have implemented the program. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Marked on the maps are a series of red boxes outlining 150-metre-long squares superimposed over the streets they will patrol. The boxes indicate, with spooky accuracy, where the division’s most common crimes are most likely to be committed during the 12-hour shift.

The Predictive Policing project, or Pred Pol as it has become known, has been so successful in cutting crime rates since it was tested in Foothill in 2011 that it has spread to seven other LA police divisions, with more to come. Twenty or so police departments across the US have signed on, as have departments in Britain. It is understood at least one Australian force is in talks to sign up.”

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