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Predictive Policing For Crime Analysts

PredPol Supports Crime Analysts


The mission of PredPol is simple: place officers at the right time and location to give them the best chance of preventing crime. Using advanced mathematics and computer learning, PredPol’s algorithms predict many types of crime, including property crimes, gang activity, and gun violence as well as traffic accidents. Law enforcement agencies deploying PredPol are experiencing marked drops in crime due to a greater police presence in areas deemed to be at highest risk.


Our software is a tool that does not replace, but requires, the insights of veteran officers and crime analysts. Just as the initial PredPol application design was based on feedback from line officers, many of our updates and features have needed analyst insight to make it as useful as possible. The invaluable experience and expertise provided by analysts have helped to ensure that the tool works for both patrol officers and intelligence personnel.


“If you had told us a few years ago you could get an algorithm to perform as the same as a crime analyst, we would think you were crazy…even the most skeptical people are now coming up to me and saying, ‘I think this is working.'” Los Angeles Police Department Captain Sean Malinowski

PredPol Works With Your Existing Technology


PredPol is deployed in dozens of law enforcement agencies with or without crime statistics analysis technology. We serve departments of varying sizes, populations, and international locations. Our technology complements existing systems and allows more time for analysts to conduct the analysis and intelligence work for which they are trained. Only three pieces of data are used to make predictions – type of crime, place of crime, and time of crime. No personal data is utilized in making these predictions, and the predictions are updated as often as a law enforcement agency updates its own crime database.



PredPol is the only predictive policing company with a proven track record of crime prevention and reduction. In controlled, blind studies, crime analysts using PredPol were 100% more effective – predicting twice as many crimes – as analysts using only hot spot mapping and intelligence models. PredPol’s automated mapmaking, from missions chosen by analysts and command staff, frees up significant time to do more of the intelligence and analysis work that is central to analysts’ daily workload. Using PredPol to direct patrol has reduced crime from 20-50% in cities like Richmond, California and Norcross, Georgia.


“We pride ourselves on being a department that is not satisfied with the status quo. We are forward-looking, with a strategic view grounded in innovation. We know the PredPol technology has helped us get smarter on our fight against crime.” Atlanta Police Department Chief George Turner

How Analyst Feedback Creates Features


Identifying the needs of our partner analysts is paramount in customizing our product for optimal user experience. Using this analyst feedback, we developed a feature called Radar that allows both rear-view & forward analysis of crime, and can be used to identify missed opportunities in crime statistics analysis, track effectiveness, and get the most out of crime analysis predictions. Radar provides real time crime analysis data on PredPol’s effectiveness, providing valuable feedback to assist command staff in determining the mission focus for officers.



Crime analysts use the tool to analyze accuracy and crime reductions across different crime types, and even do comparative crime analysis against non-PredPol tracked crimes. PredPol is constantly adding more features to Radar and knows that it will provide the easiest and most intuitive way to visualize crime data analysis. Crime statistics analysts can even download the data to drag and drop into a presentation.


PredPol Radar

More Tools for Analysts: Command Analytics

PredPol has developed a suite of features meant for command staff and crime analysts to maximize their resource allocation and crime analysis. Our Command Analytics platform includes the following features:

  • Crime Search: Crime Search is a robust tool that allows one to search on crime types, districts, violation codes, event descriptions, dates, address, or incident number. You may download your results as a CSV.
  • Mission Control: With the Mission Control feature, you can set different priorities based on the problems that particularly occur during that time of day or day of the week.


  • Radar: Radar shows crime rates over time and tracks crimes that have occurred within a prediction area. Radar’s Patrol Dosage feature keeps track of how much patrol time is spent in the boxes.
  • Vehicle Path: Vehicle path shows the path history for a selected vehicle. Circles on the vehicle path show where a vehicle spent several minutes. Circles filled with yellow denote 30 minutes or more spent in that spot.



These features enable:

  • Easy to use report generation, crime trend analysis, resource deployment analysis
  • Allows detailed or summary views of crime trends
  • Provides GPS based patrol locations, as well as aggregate patrol dosage
  • Allows natural-language query capabilities
  • Provides extensive mapping capabilities
  • Allows the export of results to CSV file format for cross application analysis
  • Cloud-based service – no additional software or hardware required

Command Analytics enhances existing methods by removing time spent inputing data and increasing time spent for analysis and planning. Learn more about Command Analytics here.

A History of Supporting Analysts

PredPol has increased our partnership with crime analysts though an Analyst Advisory Board, which gathers feedback from analysts to help guide our product and features.

PredPol has previously supported the following analyst-led organizations through sponsorship or exhibition: