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Turn Insight Into Action

Location-based Proactive Policing
  • PredPol uses a machine-learning algorithm to calculate predictions
  • 3 data points – crime type, crime location and crime date/time- are used in prediction calculation
  • Create your own Custom Boxes using Risk Terrain Modeling or your agency’s unique intelligence
  • Predpol uses a data-driven approach to direct patrol operations
  • Predict where and when specific crimes are most likely to occur
  • Proactively patrol to help reduce crime rates and victimization
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Allocate and Manage Patrol Resources More Effectively

Patrol Operations
  • Set missions
  • Analyze daily patrol patterns and effectiveness
  • Manage patrol operations
  • See real-time officer location
  • Create patrol heat maps
  • Optimize scarce patrol resources
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Closing The Loop With Data And Reporting

  • Standard and ad hoc CompStat reporting
  • Crime analytics
  • Graphical crime analysis
  • Downloadable reports in CSV or PDF format
  • Deeper understanding of your crime and operations data.
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PredPol Corporate Security

Predictive security for integrated security services

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