Looking Ahead, Not in the Rear View Mirror

The LAPD’s Captain Sean Malinowski envisions a time when the police will issue crime forecasts the same way the National Weather Service issues storm alerts. With the PredPol tool, that time
is now.



  • mapping of past crimes.
  • profiling of individuals.
  • a replacement for veterans’ intuition and experience.
  • new hardware or additional hiring.


  • a tool to increase your odds of stopping crime.
  • a technology for any jurisdiction of any size.
  • a way to bring newer police up to speed more quickly.
  • information available immediately where and when it is needed.

  1. https://… secure
  2. delivery report on paper, to smart phone, or to tablet
  3. 500′ x 500′ place-based prediction boxes
  4. crime mapped instantaneously
  5. specific to crime type
  6. specific to shifts
  7. crime mapping & prediction settings

Precise, Intuitive, Secure

“This is the next era of policing… very soon we will be using a predictive policing model where, by studying real-time crime patterns, we can anticipate where a crime is likely to occur.”

- William Bratton, Active Commissioner of NYPD and former Chief of LAPD


  • The technology predicts where crimes are likely to occur in place-based prediction boxes as small as 500 feet by 500 feet. Officers are briefed at roll call on the highest-probability “hot spots” for that day and devote extra attention to those areas—as much as fifteen minutes every two hours.
  • In contrast to technology that analyzes and maps past crime for some hints at the future—a kind of “rear view mirror” policing—PredPol tells law enforcement what is coming.
  • Traditional mapping tools are calibrated less frequently, rely on humans to recognize patterns, and allocate resources based on past crimes rather than predicted future offenses.


  • For officers, PredPol’s information is accessible from any tech device or on paper.
  • For analysts, PredPol’s tool can be set up within days and generates its actionable predictions in one click of your mouse.
  • For managers, there is no new hardware, no additional technical staff, and no budget-busting installation fees. Training is simple, short, and intuitive. A very competitive annual subscription cost keeps the program running.

Secure & Reliable

  • The tool is run on a secure, cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.
  • Personal information about victims, offenders, or law enforcement is NOT collected, ever.
  • All our data processing facilities employ key card protocols, biometric scanning, and round-the-clock interior and exterior surveillance.

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