PredPol’s Technology Helps Law Enforcement Agencies Prevent Crime

PredPol’s technology has been helping law enforcement agencies to dramatically reduce crime in jurisdictions of all types and sizes, across the U.S. and overseas. Over the past year, Atlanta and Los Angeles have reduced specific crimes in targeted areas at rates ranging from nearly 20% to over 40%. Smaller jurisdictions, such as Norcross, Georgia, have seen nearly a 30% reduction in burglaries and robberies; in Alhambra, California, car burglaries have dropped 20% since the software technology was deployed.

“We have seen anywhere from 15 to 30 percent in reduction in burglaries and robberies. I don’t care how science fiction or how far out there it is, the proof is in the pudding.” Norcross, GA Police Lt. Bill Grogan (CBS 46 Atlanta, December 11, 2013)

The Crime Prediction Algorithm

Specific to Crime Types

Using advanced mathematics and computer learning, PredPol’s algorithms predict many types of crime, including property crimes, drug incidents, gang activity, and gun violence as well as traffic accidents. Only three pieces of data are used to make predictions – type of crime, place of crime, and time of crime. No personal data is utilized in making these predictions.

Empowering Analysts

Crime analysts and command staff using PredPol are 100% more effective than they are with traditional hotspot mapping at predicting where and when crimes are likely to occur. That means police have twice as many opportunities to deter and reduce crime.

“You know you can’t be everywhere all the time, but with this Predictive Policing Software, it gives the officer a heads up as to what may occur…it lets that officer know, hey this particular area is maybe an area you wanna look at or take a special note of or interest in.” Little Rock, AR Public Information Analyst Cassandra Brooks

PredPol Technology Features

Flexible & Intuitive Usability

  • For officers, PredPol’s information is accessible from any tech device or on paper.
  • For analysts, PredPol’s tool can be set up within days and generates its actionable predictions in one click of your mouse.
  • For managers, there is no new hardware, no additional technical staff, and no budget-busting installation fees. Training is simple, short, and intuitive. A very competitive annual subscription cost keeps the program running.

Secure & Reliable Accessibility

  • The tool is run on a secure, cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.
  • Personal information about victims, offenders, or law enforcement is NOT collected, ever.
  • All of our data processing facilities employ key card protocols, biometric scanning, and round-the-clock interior and exterior surveillance.

“The theory is that you prevent them from committing the crime to begin with…Burglars and thieves work in a mathematical way, whether they know it or not.” Modesto Police Chief Galen Carroll (Modesto Bee, July 27, 2014)

Defining Predictive Policing Technology

PredPol IS NOT:

  • Mapping of past crimes or another ‘hotspot’ tool
  • A predictor of who will commit crimes
  • Profiling of individuals or demographic groups
  • A replacement for veterans’ or analyst’s intuition and experience
  • New hardware or additional hiring

PredPol IS:

  • A tool to increase law enforcement’s odds of stopping crime
  • A predictor of where and when a type of crime is most likely to occur
  • A technology for any jurisdiction of any size
  • A way to bring newer police up to speed faster
  • Easily accessible and available immediately where and when it is needed