Proven Accuracy Results

  • Crime Analysts who used PredPol technology in addition to their existing tools are twice as effective as experienced crime analysts who did not in 6 month randomized controlled trials.
  • Built upon the same underlying technology used to predict aftershocks following earthquakes.

Proven Crime Reduction Results

  • In Los Angeles’ Foothill Division, crimes were down 13% in the 4 months following the rollout compared to an increase of 0.4% in the rest of the city where the rollout had not happened. Over this time period Foothill Division was a leader in crime rate reduction among LAPD’s divisions. Similar reductions have been seen in other cities that implemented the tool.

Proven Buy-In by Officers

  • Novice or newer police officers have come up the learning curve faster while veterans have added to their institutional knowledge.
  • LAPD expanding the tool from one division to others