We want you to come help us build something great at PredPol. We're a young company following through on a simple but radical idea: that by applying statistical models to historical crime data, we can predict and stop crime before it happens. After years developing and field testing our crime prediction models, we're starting to deploy our technology in cities all over the world. We've already had successful deployments in Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, the San Francisco Bay Area, England and a handful of other small cities around the world.

In exchange for your talents, we're offering you a chance to design and build something real. With your help, we can hopefully help prevent a commuter from having their car stolen, a family from coming home to a ransacked house, or a mother having to hear her son was fatally shot. Since we're not making it easier for teenage girls to share photos, we probably won't get acquired for $1 billion anytime soon — but we do have enough seed funding to pay you what you deserve.

We're looking for designers, Rails developers, and iOS developers to help us create a product that works like magic. Our team is split between Los Angeles and the Bay Area. We work remotely and provide a nearby co-working space to everyone on our team. If this all sounds good to you, let's talk. Email us at and let's get to know each other.

Looking forward to meeting you,
Omar Qazi

P.S. Please excuse our ugly website. This is why we need your help.