How Predictive Policing Works: We Provide Guidance on Where and When to Patrol

Using only three data points – crime type, crime location and crime date/time – PredPol’s powerful software provides each law enforcement agency with customized crime predictions for the places and times that crimes are most likely to occur.


  • Increase Law Enforcement’s odds of stopping crime
  • Predict WHERE and WHEN crime is most likely to occur
  • Work for both large and small agencies
  • Help new officers on-board quicker
  • Make it easy to access predictions anywhere and anytime

Download our white paper on the Science & Testing of Predictive Policing


  • Map out past crimes or another ‘hotspot’ tool
  • Predict WHO will commit crimes
  • Use PII, eliminating civil liberties issues
  • Replace law enforcement veterans or analyst’s’ intuition and experience
  • Require additional hiring or new hardware in order to use

Chief Mark Yokoyama“PredPol does not replace the experience and intuition of our great officers, but is rather an invaluable added tool that allows our police force to use their patrol time more efficiently and helps stop crime before it happens.” Chief Mark Yokoyama (SVG Journal)

PredPol Benefits Everyone

  • Crime Analysts: Using PredPol’s technology, analysts spend less time making crime maps and more time conducting the sophisticated analysis and intelligence work for which they are trained.
  • Patrol Officers: Newer officers are brought up to speed faster in unfamiliar patrol areas, and veteran officers are given additional, high-risk places to patrol that take them beyond their usual target areas.
  • Command Staff: Command staff can set crime-specific missions by beat, shift and day of week. The Patrol Heat Map feature allows command staff to see aggregate patrol levels across their jurisdiction.
  • Agencies: Law enforcement agencies deploying PredPol are experiencing marked drops in crime due to increased police presence in areas deemed to be at greatest risk. Agencies are able to allocate the limited resources they do have more effectively.
  • Communities: Most importantly, communities are seeing fewer victims, reducing the tangible and intangible impacts of crime. PredPol provides officers an opportunity to interact with residents, aiding in relationship building and allowing law enforcement to be more transparent with the communities they serve.


Captain Sean Malinowski“We told [officers] to go into the boxes and use their knowledge, skills and experience to determine what should be done…They may stay there for just 15 minutes to a half-hour and let people see them walking around the area…Would-be offenders see the police activity and are deterred from committing a crime there. All we are trying to do is deny them the opportunity to commit that crime in that time and place. During our test, we probably disrupted criminal activity eight to 10 times a week….” LAPD Foothill Division Captain Sean Malinowski (, January 1, 2013)