PredPol Supports Community Policing

Posted on Nov 29, 2015 in Community Policing, Predictive Policing, PredPol

With the holiday season upon us, PredPol is reaffirming their commitment to assist our partner agencies with their community policing. Community policing is one of the many aspects that contribute to successful modern policing. Our predictive policing technology has been integral in helping law enforcement agencies dramatically reduce crime in jurisdictions of all types and sizes, across […]

Meet Our Team!

Posted on Nov 8, 2015 in Predictive Policing, PredPol

Meet Our Team! Trisha Liu, Customer Support Manager What is your role at PredPol? I’m the newest member of the PredPol Customer Support team. My role is to be here for customers and make sure everyone’s questions and needs are taken care of. I work closely with the Software Development team to understand and prioritize […]

Predictive Policing with Continued Results

Posted on Jun 24, 2015 in Community Policing, Predictive Policing, PredPol

Law Enforcement agencies using PredPol’s predictive policing software continue to report crime reduction results in every region it is deployed. Using only three pieces of crime data — what, when, and where crime occurred — communities actively using PredPol have confirmed positive change. In Modesto, California, reported crime has shown decreases in home burglaries of […]

Defining Predictive Policing

Posted on Mar 23, 2015 in Analytics, Predictive Policing, PredPol

Predictive policing has become a widely discussed phrase in the last few years, sometimes being used so broadly and for so many technologies that the real performance features and technical specifications get lost. This post seeks to succinctly establish parameters for a current definition of what predictive policing is. Predictive Policing Definition: NIJ Predictive policing […]

PredPol in Reading, PA Results

Posted on Dec 19, 2014 in Predictive Policing, PredPol, Press

Reading Police Attribute Drop in Burglaries to New Strategies Taken from this WFMZ article reported on December 17, 2014. Software helps Reading Police Department predict time, place crime is most likely to occur READING, Pa. – Despite a double-digit drop in the number of officers on the force, Reading police have seen a double-digit drop […]

Predictive Policing and Crime Displacement

The Myth of Crime Displacement This post addresses the myth of crime displacement, which simply describes the expectation that crime moves from one area to another due to police prevention efforts. Crime Displacement Theory Some might think that if law enforcement’s crime prevention efforts are helping to deter crime in one area, that criminals will […]

Modesto Sees Double-Digit Drop in Property Crime with PredPol

Posted on Nov 13, 2014 in Predictive Policing, PredPol

Predictive Policing in Modesto Taken from Modesto police officials say they’ve seen a double-digit drop in burglaries, robberies and vehicle thefts in the past 10 months, and they credit the department’s new policing strategies for the city’s lowest property crime rates in three years. Modesto sees double-digit drop in property crimes – lowest in […]

Predictive Policing Technology Dramatically Reducing Crime in Large & Small Communities Across U.S. & Overseas

PredPol’s Technology Helping Law Enforcement Prevent Crime Before it Occurs Santa Cruz, California — Communities across the United States and overseas are experiencing dramatic reductions in crime — thanks in large part to PredPol, predictive policing technology that is helping law enforcement prevent crime before it occurs. “Most importantly, double digit reductions in crime ensure […]

5 Common Myths about Predictive Policing

Posted on Oct 12, 2014 in Predictive Policing, PredPol

While the term “predictive policing” has been in use for years, the growth of our software and reliance upon it has given us insight into common myths regarding its definition. This post examines 5 myths about predictive policing, discovered through recurring questions that relate to predictive policing using PredPol’s technology. Predictive Policing is Just CompStat’s […]

PredPol Atlanta Crime Rate Reduced by 19%

Posted on Sep 30, 2014 in ATL PD, Predictive Policing, PredPol

We’re proud to share this story about Atlanta Police Department’s success in reducing their crime rate by 19 percent since 2010, and they attribute its sustained reduction to using PredPol’s predictive policing technology: Latest News About PredPol Atlanta   History of Atlanta’s Predictive Policing Deployment During initial testing, aggregate crime decreased by 8% and 9% […]