Predictive Policing Technology Dramatically Reducing Crime in Large & Small Communities Across U.S. & Overseas

PredPol’s Technology Helping Law Enforcement Prevent Crime Before it Occurs Santa Cruz, California — Communities across the United States and overseas are experiencing dramatic reductions in crime — thanks in large part to PredPol, predictive policing technology that is helping law enforcement prevent crime before it occurs. “Most importantly, double digit reductions in crime ensure […]

LAPD Pacific Div. Creatively Deploys PredPol

The Los Angeles Police Department Pacific Division, @LAPDPacific has taken a creative way of using PredPol’s predictive policing boxes – they are tweeting some of them throughout the day. In fact, LAPD Pacific has been posting photos of the locations or officers working in the predictive policing boxes. In addition, LAPD Pacific has been posting […]

PredPol Partners LAPD-Foothill Records Day Without Crime!

Early PredPol adopters Los Angeles Police (Foothill Division) recorded a day without reported crime – the first known instance of such an event. The following comes from the LAPD Media Advisory: On Thursday, February 13, 2014, LAPD’s Foothill Area recorded ZERO Part I crimes for the 24 hour period. This is the first time we […]

PredPol Hires New CEO – Continues Scaling

Posted on Feb 7, 2014 in LAPD, Predictive Policing, PredPol, Santa Cruz Police

PredPol has hired a new CEO! Here is the article from Santa Cruz Tech Beat about the hiring. by Sara Isenberg Publisher, Santa Cruz Tech Beat Local tech start-up PredPol has landed a new leader to guide its rapid growth by adding Silicon Valley veteran (and local resident) Larry Samuels as CEO. Samuels has held […]

Governing Magazine Features Santa Cruz Police and PredPol

Posted on Nov 8, 2013 in LAPD, Predictive Policing, PredPol, Santa Cruz Police

From Governing Magazine: Full article can be found here: By: John M. Kamensky The use of data to investigate and solve crime certainly isn’t new: Crime mapping has been used by detectives since it was developed by an Italian geographer and a French mathematician in 1829. Today, however, new data, statistical tools and other advanced […]

IT World Canada Features PredPol

Posted on Oct 29, 2013 in LAPD, Predictive Policing, PredPol

Imagine thwarting a crime even before it occurs by predicting when and where it will happen. Shades of the 2002 Tom Cruise futuristic action thriller Minority Report? Well, in a way yes. No ‘precogs” are being tethered to a computer yet, but some police agencies south of the border are experimenting with analytics technologies and […]

Computerworld Magazine Highlights PredPol Successes

ComputerWorld Magazine just published a great article on predictive policing and PredPol’s role. Here is an excerpt: The consolidation of data in a common data warehouse such as N-DEx is just the first step in improving nationwide investigations. The next steps involve the use of data mining techniques to predict where and when crime will […]

SacBee Online – PredPol Results in “Dramatic Crime Reduction”

Posted on Oct 16, 2013 in Dr. George Mohler, LAPD, Predictive Policing, PredPol, UCLA

Cities that have implemented PredPol, a computer software program that predicts when and where crime will occur, have seen “cliff-like” drops in crime often within months of deployment. PredPol is a secure, cloud-based software-as-a-service, developed by a team of PhD mathematicians, criminologists, and social scientists at UCLA, Santa Clara University, and UC Irvine in close collaboration with crime analysts […]

Richmond Police Use PredPol to Prevent Crime

Posted on Oct 4, 2013 in LAPD, Predictive Policing, PredPol, Santa Cruz Police

Below is an article from the Richmond Confidential – shared by SFGate Blog: Each morning, Richmond Police Lt. Andre Hill turns on his computer and looks at where crime is most likely to occur in the city.  “If you look here, there’s five red boxes in the iron triangle for the day shift,” Hill said, […]

Milpitas Police Enlist PredPol to Reduce Crime

NBC Bay Area did a story on Milipitas Police’s recent deployment of PredPol. Here is part of the text and the link: Milpitas police have a new way of patrolling the streets thanks to technology. A new computer program the Milpitas Police Department is using predicts where criminals will strike next in the city. The […]