Predictive Policing and Crime Displacement

The Myth of Crime Displacement This post addresses the myth of crime displacement, which simply describes the expectation that crime moves from one area to another due to police prevention efforts. Crime Displacement Theory Some might think that if law enforcement’s crime prevention efforts are helping to deter crime in one area, that criminals will […]

PredPol Honored to Present at NOBLE Conference

Posted on Jul 14, 2014 in Dr. Jeff Brantingham, Predictive Policing, PredPol

PredPol’s Dr. Jeff Brantingham was honored to present on PredPol and predictive policing at the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) National Conference this week in Michigan. The 38th annual conference, held this year in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has featured a number of outstanding speakers and events. To learn more about NOBLE click […]

Atlanta Police Chief George Turner Highlights PredPol Usage

In the latest issue of Police Chief Magazine, Atlanta Police Chief George Turner co-authored an article about his department’s innovative use of PredPol – and how predictive policing has reduced crime in Atlanta. The story is below – for the complete link click here. We pride ourselves on being a department that is not satisfied […]

LAPD Pacific Div. Creatively Deploys PredPol

The Los Angeles Police Department Pacific Division, @LAPDPacific has taken a creative way of using PredPol’s predictive policing boxes – they are tweeting some of them throughout the day. In fact, LAPD Pacific has been posting photos of the locations or officers working in the predictive policing boxes. In addition, LAPD Pacific has been posting […]

LAPD Division Credits PredPol for No Crime Day

From NBC Los Angeles: Story can be found here A new tool Los Angeles police say makes them better crime fighters isn’t a gun, but a computer. The LAPD is using a high tech crime-fighting technique known as “predictive policing” and it seems to have scored its biggest success. Police said they enjoyed a day […]

PredPol Partners LAPD-Foothill Records Day Without Crime!

Early PredPol adopters Los Angeles Police (Foothill Division) recorded a day without reported crime – the first known instance of such an event. The following comes from the LAPD Media Advisory: On Thursday, February 13, 2014, LAPD’s Foothill Area recorded ZERO Part I crimes for the 24 hour period. This is the first time we […]

PredPol Featured on NBC Chicago

Story by: Phil Rodgers Chicago police have successfully put a dent in what was a soaring murder rate in 2012 by flooding problem areas with officers and an overtime bill that topped $90 million this year. But what if a police department could fight crime with existing manpower by knowing where crimes are going to […]

Computerworld Magazine Highlights PredPol Successes

ComputerWorld Magazine just published a great article on predictive policing and PredPol’s role. Here is an excerpt: The consolidation of data in a common data warehouse such as N-DEx is just the first step in improving nationwide investigations. The next steps involve the use of data mining techniques to predict where and when crime will […]

Wall Street Journal Features PredPol – Arrests Made During Ride-Along

The Wall Street Journal did a ride-along with Los Angeles Police to learn more about the predictive policing program PredPol. During the ride, in the predicted zones, two arrests were made. Check out the video here:!541B84BC-8DC6-46FF-8692-6FFFC7DDA2E6    

Government Technology Magazine Features PredPol Deployment in Tacoma

The most recent issue of Government Technology Magazine highlighted the success of PredPol’s predictive policing software in deployments in Tacoma, Washington and Santa Cruz, CA. The article, Predicting the Epicenter of Crime: Analytics Tool Cuts Crime Rates, explained how PredPol works and how it is being deployed in the field. Here is the article written […]